On March 22, 2021, the celebration of World Water Day was kicked off with a clean-up drive in selected waterbodies of Region 11 under the Adopt-an-Estero/Waterbody Program. In Davao City, there were three (3) waterbodies that were cleaned-up namely, Shanghai Creek (Brgy. MatinaAplaya), San Isidro Creek (Brgy. Buhangin), and a shoreline in Purok Baybay, Lizada Village. The shoreline is being maintained by the Brgy.

Vicente Hizon, ensuring that proper solid waste management practices are implemented. EMB-XI engaged local government units and partner industries to support the undertaking, in a bid to boost campaign on reducing the volume of trash that are carelessly thrown away in sidewalks, parks, and other public places, which will likely end up in waterways. Improving water quality was the utmost concern in the cleaning up of waterways.
Approximately, two hundred fifty (250) kilos of trash were collected after the activity.