The recently concluded performance audit by the Commission on Audit on solid waste management programs was supported and participated by the Environmental Management Bureau Region 11 thru the Ecological Solid Waste Management Section.    The audit team was composed of engineers, national, regional, and provincial auditors from the Commission on Audit and was accompanied by the technical personnel from the Solid Waste Management Division of the EMB Central Office and EMB Regional Office XI.


The activity was conducted region-wide which aimed to gather information on the program implementation of solid waste management at the local level by conducting interviews of officials, surveys of workers and households, and inspections of selected facilities in nine regions in the country identified by the Commission on Audit.


Pursuant to Section 1 (2), Article IX-D of the 1987 Constitution which vests the Commission on Audit the exclusive authority to define the scope of its audit and examination, and establish the techniques and methods required.


Moreover, the conduct of the performance audit aimed to assess the extent to which the program has achieved its goals and objectives and identify opportunities for improvement, especially in the area of the program’s controls and make appropriate recommendations for efficient and effective program implementation.


The five-day performance audit covered the program implementation from CY 2015 TO CY 2020.  Among those activities conducted by the audit team were inspection of EMB funded Materials Recovery Facility, visit of an MRF not funded by EMB, interview officials responsible for solid waste management, conducted worker survey, conducted survey for households, and inspection of sanitary landfills.