A: ECC= 20 working days, CNC= 7 working days.

ECC= Php 5,070.00, CNC= Php 1,040.00.

No. However, the P50, 000.00 is set as reduced at the discretion of the Secretary, the EMB Director, or the RD, considering the circumstances of each case, i.e. impact of the violation on the environment.

ECC= Php 5,070.00, CNC= Php 1,040.00.

Proponent Name should be of the project owner proprietor or company.

Yes, whenever inspection on-site is needed

ECC is the certificate issued to projects covered under the PEISS based on the EMB MC 2014-005, while CNC is a certificate that the proponent may secure forproject not covered under the PEISS or not required to secure ECC.

The Presidential Decree No. 1586 was approved on June 11, 1978.

A: CNC Requirements:

  • Valid Government ID
  • Notarized Accountability Statement
  • Recent photos of the project area
  • Site Development Plan and PAMB clearance (for projects within NIPAS)

ECC Requirements:

  • Project Description
  • Duly Notarized Accountability Statement of the Proponent
  • Environmental Impact and Management Plan
  • Abandonment Information
  • Project Components
  • Geotagged Photos of Project Site (GEOCAM FREE on Play Store)
  • Topographic Map of Impact/Affected Areas (Google Earth)
  • Certification from LGU on the compatibility of the proposed Project with existing land use plan (Locational/Zoning Clearance)
  • Organizational Chart In-charge on Environmental Concerns
  • Proof of authority (land title, deed of absolute sale, etc.)
  • Affidavit of No Complaint / Barangay Resolution – Interposing No Objection
  • Site Development and/or Vicinity Map (Signed by Registered Professionals)
  • roject/Plant layout (Signed by Registered Professionals)
  • Schematic Diagram of Wastewater Treatment Facility – if applicable
  • Schematic Diagram of Air Pollution Control Facility – if applicable
  • SEC or DTI certificates, if applicable
  • Special Power of Attorney, if applicable

A: Yes

The proponent may apply again for a CNC using the same bank receipt.

No. The proponent shall have to secure another CNC or advice to secure ECC depending on the proposed amendment

Zoning Certificate certifies the land use classification of a specific lot area. However, the requirement for ECC is a certification or maybe a Zoning certificate from the concerned LGU specifying in the certificate that the proposed project is compatible with the existing land use plan.

Affidavit of No Complaint is required which should be executed by the project owner or the authorized representative of the company.

No. ECC is a set of conditionalities that the proponent will have to comply after its issuance.

No. However, for project issued with ECC not operated after five years from the issuance without submission of Compliance Monitoring Report (CMR) is considered null and void.

Yes, consistent with DAO 2017-15, but the proponent may conduct the scoping through virtual meeting or onsite strictly observing social distancing. New guidelines will be released soon.

Project coverage is based on EMB MC 2014-005 “Revised Guidelines for Coverage Screening and Standardized Requirements under Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System (PEISS)”.

Depending on the frequency of the proponent in completion of its commitment.

A: The following must be secured as additional requirement for specific projects:

  • PAMB Clearance – for projects located within protected areas
  • RSGA- for quarry projects
  • GSSR/EGGAR- for subdivision/condominium projects
  • FLA/Provisional Permit- for projects using foreshore
  • Ore Supply Contract- for mineral processing projects
  • Valid Wood Supply Contract- for wood processing projects

The downloaded ECC must be printed and notarized. The ECC notarized copy must be uploaded again in the ECC online system.

There should be at least three coordinates inputted in the ECC online using degree-minutes-seconds or decimal degrees coordinates.

Tax Declaration must be supported with other legal documents showing the authority of the proponent over the project area such as land title, deed of Absolute Sale, Memorandum of Agreement, etc.

MC 2020-26 provides that CNC could be issued to project within Protected Area with PAMB Clearance as one of the requirement in line with Rule 12.2of DAO 2019-05

Projects listed in Table 1 of EMB MC 2014-005 within ancestral domains are considered in an Environmentally Critical Area (ECA)where an ECC is required.

Yes. And any misrepresentation shall be construed as a violation as provided in EMB MC 2020-24.

If the proposed increase exceeds the coverage thresholds, an EPRMP must be submitted to EMB XI Office. If the total production rate is still within the threshold, a major amendment must be applied through the ECC online system.

Apply for ECC Transfer of Ownership at EMB XI Office