Regional Director Mario N. Bulacan committed to strengthen the compliance of all local government units in the management of solid waste following the directive from EMB Director William Cuñado in a meeting on Friday, August 12.

RD Bulacan reiterated that the Environmental Monitoring Officers are dispatched in their area of assignments to monitor closely the local government units on their compliances of RA 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.

He also added that Environmental Monitoring Officers are required to submit timely reports after the conduct of monitoring thru the Integrated Information System (IIS).

Since the implementation of IIS, reports can easily be submitted and tracked. The system features data management that are accessible by all EMB offices.

In a Memorandum dated June 03, 2022, all EMB Regional Offices are directed to enforce and monitor compliance of Local Government Units with Section 24 of RA 9003 which states the “Requirements for the transport of solid wastes that states the use of separate collection schedules and/or separate trucks for specific types of waste” within thirty (30) days from issuance of advice and a monthly basis thereafter.

Facilities that are being monitored by the Environmental Monitoring Officers are Materials Recovery Facility, Sanitary Landill, Residual Containment Area. Aside from monitoring the local government units, the Environmental Monitoring Officers assist the Provincial Environmental Management Unit under the Office of the Regional Director for the conduct of monitoring the industries for their compliances to all EMB-mandated environmental laws.