3 years from the date of issuance

Designated PCO should be accredited first before he/she can sign applications or any required reports for submission to EMB. For PCOs with expired accreditation but are still designated as PCO, he/she can still sign documents provided that he/she has in-process application for renewal of accreditation to EMB.

Categorization is based on Sec 5 of DAO 2014-02 and shall be assessed based on inspection and/or documents submitted.

Please refer to Section 6 of DAO 2014-02: Qualifications for PCOs

Online PCO application for accreditation follows that of the manual submission in the regional Office. However, first time applicants through online are required to start as “NEW” application and must submit documents for future references

For PCOs of companies with multiple installations, please refer to Section 7.1 of DAO 2014-02. A letter of request must be submitted (with corresponding details needed for categorization of your establishment) to EMB for assessment

Section 9 of DAO 2014-02: New PCO in Case of Resignation/Termination states that: The Managing Head shall act as interim PCO in cases that the PCO resigns (for 30 days from the date of resignation)

MH shall be agreed by both parties. PCO shall be agreed also as long as the basic qualification and minimum competency requirement based on the category of establishment are complied.

The link for PCO accreditation is (r11online.emb.gov.ph/pco)

If the installation operates on its own with management in each branch, a PCO per location shall be required by the regional director. More details should be provided during application for assessment prior to accreditation.

Referring to DENR Administrative Order (DAO) 2014-02 Section 7.1: PCO for Companies with Multiple Installations, “For companies with multiple installations (e.g. telecommunication companies, transmission substation, distribution substation, water pumping station, sewage/septage treatment facilities, etc.) at different locations, a minimum of one PCO per region shall be required by the Regional Director.” Additionally, for each installation with wastewater, discharge greater than 30 cu. m/day or emission that requires testing per EMB MC 2007-003, a separate PCO shall be required by the regional Director.

For Pollution Control Officer Accreditation for Davao Region: Only EMB cashier payment is the current available mode of payment

15 working days upon the completion of all requirements including uploading of official receipt of payment