After two years since the program was launched, the Environmental Management Bureau Central Office will once again initiate the program dubbed as “Youth Envi Icon:  A Recognition of Filipino Youth Environmental Champions” in celebration of International Youth Day.

The program, which is open to Filipino youth (18 to 30 years of age) honors the youth’s dynamic leadership who are active players on green advocacies and projects.

The EMB will recognize  these young minds for their contributions in  restoring, protecting, and enhancing the environmental quality towards public health, environmental integrity, and economic viability.

Since its launching in 2020,  youth champions were recognized by demonstrating leadership and promoting advocacies in environmental management and protection.

In 2021, five youth champions were awarded the title of Youth Envi Icon.  It was in this year that a regional nominee from Region 11, Ms Jayzyl Queen Failaman, an environmental advocate, a woman legislator was given a special award on Gender and Development.

Now, on its third year leg of implementation,  the program seeks to award initiatives or project that highlight climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Moreover, the program aims to recognize youth with outstanding contributions in environmental management and protection, highlight youth efforts, green initiatives, and contribution to environmental conservation, and encourage more youth to be leaders and partners in environmental protection and management.

This recognition program is a partnership activity by the Environmental Management Bureau Central Office, the National Youth Commission and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Climate Change Service.