A. Engineer’s Report with at least containing the following:

o     – Signed by PME/ChE/Sanitary Engr./Accredited PCO

o     – Name of project or business;

o     – Brief description of manufacturing process involved;

o     – Production capacity, quality or volume and the generic name of the products;

o     – The nature and character of the applicant’s wastewater and its physical and chemical composition;

o     – Total daily volume of discharge of raw wastewater;

o     – Treatment process and estimated treatment efficiency; The expected quality of the effluent and other discharge shall meet the Effluent standards of the DENR;

o     – The total daily volume of water consumption and discharge of final treated wastewater effluent;

o     – The name of receiving body of water and its official water classification and in case of land discharge, the nearest receiving body of water and its official water classification;

o     – Information on flow measurement equipment and procedure;

o     – Pollution prevention/Environmental Management System plan or program;

o     – DENR ID Number as hazardous waste generator (if applicable); and

o     – State the cost incurred in the installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facility; if any

B. Drawing requirements in 50cm x 90cm paper signed and sealed by the PME/ChE/Sanitary Engr.

o     – Vicinity Map of the Plant;

o     – The wastewater line layout from the wastewater sources to the WTF; and

o     – Plan and elevation drawings of the WTF as built with complete specifications.

Refer to Table 8 of DAO 2016-08